Fungicidal Seed Treatment and Foliar Spray in Relation to Rhizoctonia solani Infection in Coffee

P. Venkatasubbaiah, K.M. Safeeulla and M. Satishchandra Prabhu


In vitro seed treatment with carboxin, carbendazirn, benomyl, guinto-zene. triadimefon and thiophanate-methyl enhanced the percent germina-tion of Coffea arabica and C. canephora. The percentage of seed germina-tion and the relative growth of hypocotyl were closely related to the con-centration of the fungicide used. There were no phytotoxic symptoms in the seedlings obtained from the treated seeds except those treated with triadimefon. Either seed treatment or foliar spray of the fungicides generally reduced Rhizoctonia solani infection in vitro. Of the fungicides used carboxin either as seed dressing or foliar spray gave the most promising results followed by thiophanate-rnethyl and carbendazim.

Keywords: Fungicide. Differential application. Phytotoxicity. Coffee. Percent infection. Collar rot. Rhizoctonia solani.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(4):(1982)
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