Flora of Apid Island, Inocapan, Leyte, Philippines

Mylene Napiza1, Sibyll Eisenberger2, Jan Grenz3, Gerhard Langenberger4 and Joachim Sauerborn2


The study was conducted to determine the floristic composition of Apid Island and describe the plants’ growth habits and life forms. Three ecological “sub-units” were identified and compared using the Index of Similarity.

A total of 105 plant species representing 39 families was found but only 89 were identified to the species level. Most of the plants were therophytes (herbs and grasses) and phanerophytes (trees and shrubs). Ten species adapted to karst or limestone substrates, which is typical in the island, were identified. Commonness of species between sub-units is not remarkable.

Keywords: Apid Island. diversity. flora. growth habit. life form. similarity index

Annals of Tropical Research 21:(1999)
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