Fiber Recovery and Quality of Ten Abaca Varieties

R.P Bales, R.N. Santiago and N.M Gloria


The 10 abaca varieties significantly differed in almost all of the parameters considered. Lawaan x Tangongon had the heaviest weight of fresh stalk and tuxies in the outer and middle groups of leafsheaths, produced the highest weight of dry fiber recovered, and ranked second in terms of tensile strength per group of leafsheaths. Pacol x CES 2 ranked second in terms of weight of fresh stalks, produced the heaviest weight of tuxies from the inner group, ranked second heaviest in the outer and middle groups, but produced the lowest fiber recovery and percentage fiber stretch in the 3 groups of leafsheaths. Furthermore, Pacol x CES 2 produced the lowest tensile strength from the outer and inner groups and ranked second to the lowest in the middle group. Linawaan produced the highest fiber recovery while Ginabaki and Bulao Luno produced the highest tensile strength and percentage fiber stretch in all groups of leafsheaths, respectively. With respect to fiber quality, Bulao Luno, Lawaan x Tangongon, Linawaan, Casilihon, and Amokid had better quality of fiber than the rest of the varieties tested.

Keywords: Abaca. Fiber recovery. Fiber quality. Group of leafsheath. Tuxy.

Annals of Tropical Research 3 (4):(1981)
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