Fermented rice rinse field trial in backyard pig raising

Julius V. Abela1* and Eva C. Rom1


Barangay Caticugan, Sta. Rita Samar is an area chosen by Philippine Higher the Research Network Visayas State University luminaries as the beneficiaries of this research aiming to improve marginal upland pig farmers concurrently helping , and climatic change in marginal upland areas. Six mixed breed island born piglets (MBIBP) were randomly blocked into 2 treatments with 3 replications each. Treatment 0 (T0) is feeding with commercial feeds without supplementation (Control treatment). Treatment 1 (T1) is feeding with control treatment with 20mL/head/day fermented rice rinse (FRR) supplementation. The research trials were applied to growing-finishing mixed breed island born piglets from weaning age (approximately 30 days old) to growing-finishing age at (150 days old). The amount of feed was equal in all treatments at nearly ad libitum feeding. Moreover, weekly monitoring of weights was done and monthly data were subjected to T test from 30 to 150 days period. Results revealed that treatment with supplementation of FRR has produced significant average body weights (ABW) at 0.002 p-value. Average daily gain (ADG) is greater in T1 than T0 and the former has lower feed conversion ratio (FCR) at 1.97kg than the latter at 3.08kg. Therefore, FRR supplementation to MBIBP produced better growth performance among treated pigs than those without FRR supplementation.

Keywords: cumulative weight gain, fermented rice rinse, mortality island born, piglets

Annals of Tropical Research 39(SUPPLEMENT A):106-114(2017)
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