Factors Associated with the Training Performance of Prospective Barangay Development Workers

Ildefonso B. Sadsad


Of the seven criteria used by the Department of Local Government and Community Development (DLGCD) for selecting barangay development workers, four were supported by this study while three were not. Supported were preferences for applicants who were younger (21 to 35 years old), had a four-year college degree, had experience related to community development, and had modernizing attitudes. Not supported were preferences for applicants who were males, unmarried, and had a Community Development Officer (CDO) or First Grade Civil Service eligibility. Aside from manifesting traits considered desirable in rural development work, female respondents were found to have performed well as their male counterparts in training. Similarly, respondents who did not possess the CDO or First Grade eligibility were likely to perform well in training as those who possessed these eligibilities. Furthermore, both married and unmarried respondents were found to be equally likely to perform well in training.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (1):(1980)
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