Factors affecting profitability of small-scale vegetable production in the Visayas

Annie D. Centes, Jessa H. Ruales, Rhena Jane Soria and Moises Neil V. Seriño1*


This study was conducted to assess the profitability of small-scale vegetable production in the Visayas, particularly in the islands Leyte, Samar and Bohol. The data used in the study was taken from baseline survey on vegetable production in the Visayas. Descriptive, correlation and multiple regression analyses were used in analysing factors that influence profitability. Results show that significant factors that affect profitability include cropping practices and market outlets. This suggests that profitability of small-scale vegetable production measured in terms of gross margins will tend to increase with the practice of multi-cropping and intercropping systems. With limited farm size, farmers can maximize the yield of vegetable production through intercropping and multi-cropping practice. In addition, primary market outlet affects profitability implying that better access to market translates to higher profitability. Results of the study suggest that to improve profitability of farmers in Leyte, Samar and Bohol, policy makers, researchers and technician should focus on optimizing cropping system. Farmers should be trained to identify vegetables that produces better yield in an intercropping and multi-cropping system. This should also be complemented with better access to market. Farm to market road should be improved so that farmers can easily link their production to the market.

Keywords: profitability, market access, vegetable farmers, cropping system

Annals of Tropical Research 39(SUPPLEMENT B):194-207(2017)
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