Evaluation of Physio-Chemical Properties of Cocoyam (Xanthosoma) Flour

Roberta Dizon-Lauzon, Roger Roy P. Garana and Linda B. Mabesa


The physico-chemical characteristics of cocoyam flour were evaluated. The fiber, ash and carbohydrate contents of cocoyam flour were higher than those of wheat flour. Gelatinization of the starch fraction was noted to be between 68 and 72°C. Least gelating concentration was optimum at 8%; water and fat absorption capacities were 87.5% and 97.1%, respectively; and maximum viscosity was observed at a concentration of 8%.

Keywords: Cocoyam. Fiber. Ash. Carbohydrates. Gelatinization. Viscosity. Fat and water absorption.

Annals of Tropical Research 8(3):(1986)
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