Efficacy of Rintal (Febantel) at Different Dosage Levels against Ascaridia galli among Artificially Infected Broiler Chickens

Alberto A. Taveros


Febantel given at dosage levels of 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00 g per bird reduced Ascaridia galli eggs in fecal samples of broiler chickens by 61.4, 94.07 and 100%, respectively, and adult A. galli by 33.98, 81.11 and 100%, respectively. Statistical analysis indicated that 1.00 g Febantel per bird was the most effective in reducing coprological egg output and adult parasites.

Keywords: Ascaridia gali (Ascaris). Coprological egg output. Rintal (Febantel)

Annals of Tropical Research 19 Nos.1-4:(1990)
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