Effects of Different N:K Ratios and Levels on Sweet Potato

Letecia Q. Sarong, Bernadita F. Quirol and Marianito R. Villanueva


Generally, plants that received NPK fertilizer had better stand than those that did not receive either N or K. However, nitrogen had greater influence than potassium on the vegetative growth of the plant, Root formation and yield were significantly improved as the amount of potassium was increased up to 90 kg/ha with nitrogen at 30 kg/ha. In this treatment where the N:K ratio is 1:3, the highest root yield of 6.52 t/ha was obtained. Altering the N:K ratio from 1:1 to 3:2 led to maximum leaf development and vine elongation while reducing the ratio from 3:2 to 1:3 favored storage root formation.

Keywords: Sweet Potato. N:K ratio. NPK fertilizer. Herbage yield. Root yield.

Annals of Tropical Research 8(2):(1986)
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