Effects of Animal Manure Application on the Growth and Yield of Corn

Elphe P. Ponsica, Rodolfo G. Escalada and Bernadita F. Quirol


Application of chicken dung and cow manure at higher rates, seemed to hasten tasseling, silking and maturity of the corn plants and favor production of larger ears, more grains, and higher shelling percentage. Overall performance of the crop was better with application of 9 to 12 Oa of chicken dung than inorganic fertilizer and cow manure at all rates. The.bulk density and pH of the soil were not significantly affected by application of either inorganic or organic fertilizers. An increase in the NPK contents of the soil was noted when 6 Oa or more of animal manure was applied.

Keywords: Corn. Growth. Yield. Farm manure. Bulk density. Soil nu-trients. Tropical soils.

Annals of Tropical Research 5(3&4):(1983)
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