Effectiveness of cassava plastic storage technology and marketability of plastic-packed cassava roots

Emma S. Data1, Editha G. Cagasan2 and Joselito B. Layola3


This study was conducted to verify the effectiveness of plastic packaging and fungicide treatment in prolonging the shelf life of fresh cassava roots for marketing, determine the acceptability of the plastic-picked cassava among urban consumers, and determine the profitability of marketing plastic-packed cassava.

Results further showed that there is potential market for the plastic-packed cassava. Of the 1.911 packs delivered to the different market outlets, .769 packs (93%) were sold.

In the follow-up survey, it was found that the plastic-packed cassava was generally acceptable among the urban consumer-respondents. All of the 380 respondents revealed that they would like to continue buying the plastic-picked cassava. Among the reasons cited were: the roots remained fresh even if they were stocked for several days (36.8%): the roots tasted sweet and juicy when cooked (32.6%): and the price (P15.00/pack at 2 kg/pack) was just enough (18.7%).

Marketing plastic-packed cassava directly to consumers gave the highest return on investment (ROI) of 189%.

Keywords: plastic-packed cassava, shelf life, marketing

Annals of Tropical Research 24(1):(2002)
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