Effect of Soil Type, Fertilization and Mycorrhizal inoculation on NPK Uptake of Cassava

Angela S. Almendras, Reynaldo E. dela Cruz and lreneo J. Manguiat


The response of cassava (cv. Laken) to NPK fertilization and mycorrhizal inoculation was evaluated through a pot experiment using unsterilized soil (Lipa clay loam and Luislana clay). Application of 45-60-60 and 90-60-60 in Lipa clay loam and Luislane clay, respectively, resulted in significantly higher P uptake than with 0-60-60 treatment In both soil types. Nitrogen and potassium uptakes were not significantly affected by NPK levels in both soil types. Irrespective of soil type and fertilizer treatments, inoculation significantly increased shoot phosphorus concentration and uptake.

Keywords: Mycorrhizal inoculation. Fertilization. Soil type. Cassava. NPK uptake. Pot experiment.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(2):(1982)
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