Effect of shading on mango (Mangifera indica L.) seedling stocks grown in different potting media

M.L.A Dioquino, E.R. Alcober and A.D. Ramos


Shading (80% reduction of full sunlight) did not significantly influence the early growth of mango seedlings (var. Carabao) grown in six potting media preparations. Potting media, however, significantly affected the stem height and diameter, leaf number and size and seedling vigor. Seedlings grown in pure garden soil and those in rice hull charcoal- amended potting media were the least vigorous. Incorporation of undecomposed sawdust to garden soil in equal proportion depressed the early growth of mango seedlings. Interaction effect of shading and potting medium on the early growth of mango seedling was not significant.

Keywords: Mango. Potting media. Seedling stocks. Shading.

Annals of Tropical Research 19(1):(1997)
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