Effect of Mulch Application and Planting Depth on Growth, Development and Productivity of Upland Taro

Jose R. Pardales, Jr


Growth, development and harvest attributes of taro were more apparently affected by mulching treatment than by planting depth. Mulched plants exhibited superior height and LAI and markedly higher total and corm dry matter (DM) accumulation than their unmulched counterparts. Most of the harvest characters were significantly greater when taro was mulched than when they were unmulched. The difference between 5 and 10-cm planting depth was negligible for plant height and LAI but was pronounced in the total and corm DM production. Deeper planting significantly favored high DM production at most stages of growth. All harvest characters were significantly increased by planting depth treatments except the main corm volume and total herbage yield.

Keywords: Taro (Colocasia esculenta). Mulch application. Planting depth. Growth. Development. Productivity.

Annals of Tropical Research 7:(1985)
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