Effect of Fly Ash on the Growth ba and Yield of Sweet Potato

Luz A. Devaras, Rodolfo G. Escalada and Bernadette F. Quirol


Fly ash application at the rate of 5 t/ha enhanced early our bulking, resulting in the development of more tubers per plant of sweet potato. Application of higher levels of fly ash did not increase its tuber yield but promoted the vegetative growth of the crop. Plants from plots manured with 5 t ha of fly ash significantly produced more marketable tubers and consequently resulted in higher tuber yield compared to those in the control plots. On the other hand. herbage yield was significantly higher in plots treated with 20 t/ha of fly ash. Soil parameters such as pH, manganese and zinc markedly increased with fly ash application while potassium. magnesium and aluminum decreased. No significant effect of fly ash application was observed on the nitrogen, calcium and organic matter content of the soil.

Keywords: Sweet potato. Fly ash. Plant growth. Tuber yield.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(2):(1982)
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