Effect of Different Factors on Germination and Tube Growth of Solanun sisymbrifolium Lam. Pollen

K.M. Kuruvilla, Y.S. Chauhan, G. Das and J.S. Kharbteng


Both germination and tube growth of Solanum sisymbrifolium Lam. Pollen require an optimum temperature of 25°C and a growth medium containing 100 ppm boric acid, 10% sucrose and 0.6% Bacto-agar. Pollen germination was stimulated by 5 and 10 ppm GA3, 1-10 ppm kinetin, 1 ppm ethylene, and 1 and 5 ppm ABA. Higher concentrations of these growth hormones reduced pollen germinability. Pollen tube elongation was stimulated by 10 ppm GA3, 1-10 ppm kinetin, 1 ppm ethylene and 1-10 ppm ABA. IAA at 5 to 25 ppm inhibited both pollen germination and tube growth. The degree of inhibition increased with higher concentrations of IAA.

Keywords: Pollen physiology. Solanum sisymbrifolium. Alkaloid. Germination. Tube growth. Growth regulators.

Annals of Tropical Research 10(3&4):(1988)
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