Effect of Butachlor on the Protein Content of C-168 and 1R-36 Rice Cultivars at Different Growth Stages

Lualhati M. Noriel


Rice seedlings of C-168 cultivar were markedly inhibited by butachlor up to shoot emergence stage while those of IR-36 showed greater inhibition up to the second leaf stage. Treated rice seedlings up to shoot emergence stage have comparatively less weights than the untreated control in both cultivars. Protein synthesis was severely affected by butachlor treatment at pre-germination up to shoot emergence, the degree of inhibition being greater in IR-36 than in C-168. There was no protein synthesis inhibition when seedlings of both cultivars were treated later during the first and second leaf stages.

Keywords: Rice. Cultivar C-168 and IR-36. Butachlor. Protein content. Different stages of rice plants. Root and shoot elongation.

Annals of Tropical Research 3 (2):(1981)
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