Economic Analysis of Ipil-Ipil Feed Supplementation of native Caracows, Gandara, Samar

Leonila S. Parilla, Oscar B. Posas and Rowena M. Ampong


The average mild and cheese production was significantly higher in treated caracows than in untreated ones due to the increase in the protein intake of the treated animals thus increasing the solid content of the milk. Gathering and feedling ipil-ipil leaves to caracows, milking the caracows, and processing milk into cheese were the activities affected when ipil-ipil feed supplemented was introduced.

Partial budget analysis shows that net benefits derived from ipil-ipil feed supplementation were significantly higher in treated caracows than in the untreated ones. Marginal rate of return was very high indicating that ipil-ipil feed supplementation in Gandara, Samar is economically feasible, ceteris paribus. Sensitivity analysis gave an estimate of the benefits a carabao raiser gets as prices of output and cost of input change.

Keywords: Economic analysis. Fee supplementation. Leucaena leucocephala. Carabao production.

Annals of Tropical Research 10(1):(1988)
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