Ecology of Mosquitos in a Philippine Community

Paciencia P. Milan


The mosquito fauna of the Visayas State College of Agriculture, Baybay, Leyte was assessed in nine survey stations. In the eight-month survey, 25 species belonging to eight genera were identified. A total of 1,539 mosquitoes were collected; Aedes albopictus was the most abundant and prevalent species. Armigeres and Toxorhynchites were abundant in higher elevation. A high percentage (33%) of mosquito larvae were found in bamboo cups, being the most preferred niche especially by Armigeres. At lower elevation, A. albopictus was found in tin cans. Mosquito distribution was affected by factors such as adaptability of the mosquito to particular niche, elevation and rainfall and availability of preferred breeding niche.

Annals of Tropical Research 1(2):(1979)
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