Doubling macapuno seedling production through embryo splitting

Tessie C. Nuñez


A simple means of deriving two seedling from a hybrid macapuno embryo was developed. Macapuno embryos were allowed to grow in vitro for 1 to 1.5 months or until the shoots and roots emerged. Germinating embryos were cut longitudinally, equally dividing the shoots and roots. Split embryos were then subcultured in an appropriate medium until seedlings were fully developed and ready for potting.

During the first month in culture, 82% of the embryo halves development normal shoots and roots. After the first month, however, only 2 pairs of split embryos had both halves developing normally. Others had only one of the halves producing a complete plantlet while the other pair died.

The first potted seedling grown from a halved embryo had 5 leaves and 5 primary and adventious roots with plenty of root hairs during potting at 7.5 months after initial culture. It was 22 cm long with a base diameter of 1.4 cm.

Keywords: coconut . macapuno . embryo culture . embryo splitting.

Annals of Tropical Research 20:(1998)
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