Designing a Participatory Media-Assisted Learning System for Small Lowland Rice Farmers

Monina M. Escalada


With the results of the baseline study as the basis for designing a learning system, a user-oriented media-assisted learning system was evolved. It consisted of a staggered farmers’ class with a lecture by an agronomist, dramatized audio tapes and discussion, informal talks between the agronomist and farmers, and periodic farm visits.

Although participatory mechanisms in the planning, development of materials, utilization, and evaluation of the learning system were explored, such approach was only possible at the planning and utilization stages because of the farmers’ low functional literacy level.

Based on participant observation, the dramatized audio tapes motivated people to gather for a farmers’ class; sustained the attendance; combined entertainment and learning; and reached remote areas which are not reached by Ministry of Agriculture and Food extension personnel.

Keywords: Media-assisted learning system. Participatory approach. Information needs. Rainfed lowland rice production.

Annals of Tropical Research 10(2):(1988)
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