Comparative Socioeconomic Analysis Between Hand Pounding and Micro Rice Mill Processing in Matalom, Leyte

Fe M. Gabunada, Dolores L. Alcober and Nestor O. Morales


This study was conducted to make comparative evaluations on the socioeconomic aspects of two methods of processing paddy rice, namely: hand pounding and micro rice mill processing. The micro rice mill designed by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was introduced to women’s associations in three upland barangays of Matalom, Leyte and was found to be the better alternative to the conventional manual method. It is capable of processing small quantities of paddy rice with certain level of efficiency and standards.

Hand pounding of paddy rice is more time-consuming than processing by the use of a micro rice mill. Since women in the study areas have other productive activities and income opportunities, the use of a micro rice mill gave more free time to women. Milling and head rice recovery were better than in hand pounding. It was found to be economical and practical for women to process paddy rice using the micro rice mill.

In addition, the quality of rice and rice bran was better with the introduced technology. Hence, cooperators preferred the use of the micro rice mill and recommended its use to their friends and relatives.

Keywords: Hand pounding. Head rice recovery. Micro rice mill. Milling recovery. Paddy rice. Rice processing. Socioeconomic analysis.

Annals of Tropical Research 17 Nos. 1-4:(1995)
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