Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Fresh Sausage with Different Levels of Duck Meat

Lutagarda Salares Palomar


Composite samples from Pekin ducks were used to compare the acceptability of four sausage formulas using different levels of pork and duck meat and to assess the chemical composition of the different sausage formulas. Significant differences were obtained for moisture, ether extract or crude fat and crude protein; pH and ash contents were essentially similar in all sausage formulas. The higher the amount of backfat and lean meat added, the higher were the ether and protein contents. Formula II, containing 70% duck meat, had the highest score for color while Formula III, containing 60% duck meat, had the highest score for flavor. The proportion of 50% duck meat and 50% pork backfat (Formula IV) received significantly the highest scores in color, flavor, tenderness than other formulations, including the control (70% pork lean + 30% pork fat).

Annals of Tropical Research 1(1):(1979)
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