Chemical and Biochemical Evaluation of Some Local Foodstuffs

Lydia A. Gloria, Fe C. Abogadie, Carolina M. Bermoy, Felix M. Salas, Ana Gina T. Sembrano and Elizabeth M. Sombilon


The nutrient and protein content of 15 local foodstuffs were chemically and biologically evaluated. Plant proteins were found to be inferior in quantity and quality especially in terms of their protein digestibility and amino acid utilization. These were attributed to such factors as presence of toxins, high fiber content and amino acid deficiency or imbalance. For better utilization, it was suggested that proper cooking be done to counteract the heat-correctable factors. The mixture of different proteins in the diet was also recommended to correct the amino acid deficiency or imbalance.

Keywords: Bio-chemical evaluation. Nutrient composition. Food-stuffs.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(4):(1982)
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