Case studies on the occupation and cultivation of the forest lands of Leyte, Philippines

Buenaventura B. Dargantes and Werner Koch


The loss of the forests of Leyte is mainly attributed to the conversion of timberlands into kaingin, commercial agricultural use and non-timber plantations. Poverty and marginalization have led small-scale farmers and other rural residents into the cultivation of forest lands. Increasing participation in a market-oriented economy has spurred the encroachment of commercial agriculture into the forest zone. Available data also show that policy factors such as settlement projects, agricultural and forestry development projects and road construction have facilitated these conversions. This report attempts to portray through illustrative case studies conducted within Leyte the interplay of these factors as they contribute to forest loss.

Keywords: Forest, forest loss, shifting cultivation, forest fanning, social forestry

Annals of Tropical Research 16(2):(1994)
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