Case Studies of Tree Farmers in Maasin, Leyte Island, the Philippines

Melissa Gordon1


Case study interviews were conducted with five tree farmers in Southern Leyte Province of Leyte Island in the Philippines. The case studies were designed to gain in-depth insights into the problems and benefits of growing and managing trees from the perspective of the tree farmers. Interviews focused on attitudes to regulations concerning the registration of tree plantings and transport of timber. Also discussed were the way in which tree farmers manage their trees, why they choose to manage a tree farm and their interactions with staff of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It was found that some tree farmers were motivated to plant trees after receiving free seedlings from the DENR and having positive interactions with DENR officers thereafter to help manage their farm and fulfil requirements of DENR policies. Tree farming was regarded as an effective way of improving living standards and welfare.

Keywords: in-depth interviewing, tree registration, free seedlings, harvest security, market information

Annals of Tropical Research 29(3):49-60(2007)
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