Botanical control of golden kuhol (Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck) using asyang [Mikania cordata (Burm. F.) B.L. Robinson]

Lualhati M. Noriel1, Josef Margraf2, Flora Mia V. Duatin1 and Marilyn P. Guzman1


This study was conducted to determine the molluscicidal effect of asyang (Mikania cordata) extract against golden kuhol (Pomacea canaliculata) under laboratory condition and to evaluate its potential for the control of golden kuhol in the field.

Leachates from 24 and 48 hrs soaking of fresh asyang samples caused 23.4% and 27.2% snail mortality, respectively, one day after treatment. Percent mortality, as increased to 33.67% and 56.93% for the 24 and 48-hr treatments, respectively, two days after treatment.

The effect of asyang on the population density of golden kuhol was comparable to that of the molluscicide Bayluscide at the recommended rate Reduction in the number of damaged rice hills in asyang-treated plots was also noted. Rice plants grown in asyang-treated plots were healthier and heavier than those grown in the control plots.

Annals of Tropical Research 22(1&2):(2000)
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