Biology of Coccinella transversalis Muls. (Coloeptera: Coccinellidae)

Brenda C. Balabarino and Ma. Juliet C. Ceniza


The biology of Coccinella transversalis reared on black bean aphid, Aphis craccivora was studied in the laboratory. The beetle passed through the egg, 4 larval instars, pupa and adult stages. The eggs were spindle-shaped and had an incubation of 2-3 days with an average of 2.85 days. The larvae which were typically black with orange bands or tinge on the methoracic region and some part of the abdomen has a total development period of about 6-9 days, with an average of 7.27 days. The pupal period lasted for about 3-4 days, or 3.38 days on the average. The total development period from egg to adult emergence took about 13-15 days. The adults which were typically red orange with black inverted v markings on the elytra lived for an average of 51.34 days. The female laid an average of 1000 eggs under laboratory condition.

Keywords: Coccinellidae, Coccinella transversalis, biology of coccinellid beetle, Aphis craccivora

Annals of Tropical Research 27(2):43-52(2005)
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