Biology, Host Range and Natural Enemies of the Coconut Spider Mite, Oligonychus velascoi Rimando

Tita L. Cayme and Dely P. Gapasin


The total developmental period of the coconut spider mite, Oligonychus velascoi Rimando was 6.3 and 6.9 days for those reared on detached and undetached leaflets, respectively. The slight difference observed in the life cycle of mites using the two rearing methods indicates that both techniques are satisfactory for rearing spider mites.

Of the 30 plant species tested, only proved to be alternate hosts of the coconut spider mite, namely: bunga de China, Adonidia merrilli Becc.; pugahan, Caryota cumingii Lodd.; and buri palm, Corypha elata Roxb. However, longer life cyle and higher mortality were observed in spider mites reared on these alternate host plants than is those reared on coconut. Natural enemies included two coccinellid beetles and a phytoseeid mite.

Keywords: Coconut spider mite (Oligonychus velascoi Rimando). Biology. Host range. Natural enemies.

Annals of Tropical Research 9(2):(1987)
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