Agricultural land use system on Apid Island, Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines

Ruth O. Escasinas1 and Joachim Sauerborn2


Characterization of agricultural land use systems on Apid Island was done in order to understand the agroecosystem and its impact on the ecology of the Island. Of the total land area only a small portion is planted to cash crops. Pandanus sp. Seems to be the major cash crop on the island. It occupies the largest area.

Multi-storey cropping system is a dominant cropping system on the island. Coconut is grown in combination with breadfruit, banana, pandanus and cassava showing that the land is used to a maximum resembling the ecosystem of the rainforest.

Diverse crop species could be observed in the site. People grow food crops, fruit crops, fruit trees, sugar and spice crops as well as medicinal plants for home consumption.

Keywords: Apid island. diverse crop species. land use system. multi-storey cropping.

Annals of Tropical Research 21:(1999)
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