Acceptability of Cured Duck Meat Using A New Method

L. S. Palomar


Muscovy duck and native chicken were used to compare the acceptability of smoked duck cured at 2 vs 3 days, 55° vs 70° salinity and with vs without refrigeration in a clay pot. Results indicate that 2-day curing is better than 3-day curing in smoked duck with 55° salinity. It is therefore important when curing meat, especially poultry, that quantitative measurements and time schedule be observed. Clay pot seems to be an acceptable curing container since samples were as acceptable as those cured in the refrigerator. Comparison and hedonic scale tests indicate that clay pot has a temperature sufficiently low to retard most bacterial growth until salt penetration is complete. In addition, cured duck was as acceptable as cured chicken based on the scores given in different sensory qualities evaluated such as color, flavor, off-flavor, saltiness, tenderness, juiciness and general acceptability.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (2):(1980)
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