A review of new species records from Leyte Island, Philippines

Ma. Juliet C. Ceniza


The island of Leyte is located on the southern part of the Visayan-island group which lies between 124°17’ and 124°98; east longitude and between 90°55′ and 11°48′ latitude. From among the Visayan island group. Leyte is rather obscure biologically (Rams 1985). The insect fauna, for example, remains highly insufficiently known as yet (Medvedev 1995). But some records have indicated evidence of unquestionable biological species diversity in the island. Many foreign and local experts have discovered new species and added new records in the island. This section aims to review and put together records of new species which have been published in scattered journals and publications worldwide.

Annals of Tropical Research 16(1):(1994)
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