The Annals of Tropical Research (ATR) publishes original research papers, review articles, research notes, conference proceedings and letters to the editor.

Manuscripts should be written in English and typed double spaced on one side of A4 (29.7 cm x 21 cm) or short bond (28 cm x 21.6 cm) paper, with wide margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively on the top right corner, including those containing tables and figures.

All manuscripts are reviewed by at least two referees under a double-blind review process where both authors and reviewers are kept anonymous.

Manuscript structure

The first page should contain the title of the paper and the names and addresses of the authors. The corresponding author, his (her) telephone and fax numbers and/or e-mail address should be indicated as a footnote.

The second page of the manuscript should contain only the Title, Abstract and Keywords. The abstract should present briefly the scope, major results and conclusions of the paper and should not exceed 250 words. A list of 4 to 6 keywords should immediately follow the abstract.

The main portion of the manuscript should start on the third page. It should be divided into the following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion (and Recommendations or Implications if applicable), Acknowledgment (if any) and References. Each section may be subdivided into sub-sections.


Only published papers should be cited as references except for theses. They should be cited in the text as follows: single author, Bacusmo (1988) or (Bacusmo, 1988); two authors, Chen and Lee (1995) or (Chen and Lee, 1995); more than two authors, Palomar et al. (1993) or (Palomar et al., 1993). The references must then be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper, and should conform to the following styles:

Paper in Journals:

PARDALES J.R.JR., Y. KONO and A. YAMAUCHI. 1992. Epidermal cell elongation in the growth zone of sorghum seminal roots exposed to high root zone temperature. Plant Science 81:143-146.

Books and Monographs:

MARSCHNER H. 1995. Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants, 2nd edn. Academic Press, London.

CAMPILAN D.M. 1995. Learning to change, changing to learn: managing natural resources for sustainable agriculture in the Philippine uplands. WURS, Wageningen.

Paper within a book:

JAHN R. and V.B. ASIO. 1998. Soils of the tropical forests of Leyte, Philippines: weathering, characteristics, classification and site qualities. In: Soils of Tropical Forest Ecosystems (A. Schulte and D. Ruhiyat, eds). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 29-36.

Paper in conference proceedings:

MARGRAF J., P.P. MILAN and P. WIDMANN. 1997. Rainforestation farming: community based biodiversity utilization for sustainable development of critical watersheds in the Philippines. Proceedings of the International Conference on Reforestation with Philippine Species. Palo, Leyte, Philippines. pp. 320-334.


BACUSMO, J. L. 1986. Stability studies on sweetpotato. PhD thesis, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA.

Illustrations and Tables

Figures should be of good quality and should have thickness of lines and sizes of lettering and other symbols to allow reduction of their original dimensions up to 50%. They must not exceed the size of an A4 or a letter- size bond paper. Explanatory notes to tables should be indicated by superscript small letters. Figures and tables should be printed on separate sheets and placed after the references section (i.e. not inserted in the typed text). In addition, they should be provided with concise captions (above for tables and below for figures) which adequately describe their contents. Photographs should be submitted as high-contrast black-and-white glossy prints. Color plates may be included if color is necessary for clarity.

Abbreviations and Units

Only SI units and abbreviations should be used. Normal and molar concentrations should be written in italics N and M, respectively. The following standard abbreviations should also be used: mg, g, kg, km, mm, cm, m, rpm, s (second), h (hour), min, l (liter), ml, m-3, kg per ha or kg ha-1 (the minus index should always be used in tables and figures). Latin biological names should be italicized (or underlined).


Twenty offprints of each published paper will be supplied free of charge. Additional copies may be ordered from the editorial office of the ATR.


Submission of a paper is understood to mean that it is original and unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors may submit manuscripts as email attachment or you may submit online or three hard copies of each manuscript should be sent to the ATR office.

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